About Andaluz

Born on October 8th, 1986 in Queens, NY, Efren Guillermo Andaluz is a multifaceted artist. Raised in the heart of Queens by Mercedes and Efren Andaluz Sr. II, he has become an originator through his fashion, art, and music.

Known as Andaluz The Artist, Efren started his life driven by artists in his family. His grandfather, Efren Andaluz the 1st and his mother’s oldest brother, Robin Rodriquez were major influences on him.

In the wake of their influence, watching them sketch cartoon and comic characters, Efren started when he was 4 years old to sketch and draw pictures he saw.

This was just the beginning of the never-ending journey for Andaluz The ArtistGrowing up, Efren received much support from his family and close friends. However, there were points in his teenage years when it became tough, and he had many altercations with his peers.

In the year 2000, he lost both of his inspirations for drawing, his grandfather and his uncle.  He used his art as a distraction to the harshness of life. Despite the difficulty, he still found a way to maneuver through the years.  

With the support of a  caring teacher,  Mrs. Amawaka, she understood his issues and encouraged him to use his artistic talents for good use.  Mrs. Amawaka, along with family members ,  persisted and motivated Efren to take his skills to the next level.

With ON DA LOOSE DESIGN STUDIO, located in Huntington, New York, he found a way to expand his small business from a print shop to a one stop location.   It is here, where he creates custom pieces, logos, personalized canvas art, apparel, web sites and more.

Efren’s artwork can be found all around  the New York area. He recently had his art featured in TV studios, such as MTV and BET.

Influenced by the hip hop and rap industry, Andaluz The Artist has created a variety of custom pieces for major celebrities and artists. He advanced his talent for rapping and painting, making him one of the only artists to be able to do both, simultaneously.  Efren truly believes that creativity is universal and he is willing to put all his efforts and talents at work in any way, form or fashion.


Featured in an interview by Jack Thriller from THIS IS 50.com on September of 2014, Efren talked about how he created four masterpieces, a song, and video all in one day.

Sharing his artistic paintings at Big Sean’s Album release and Lala’s Full Court Reality television show, there are no limits on what he is able to do. Andaluz The Artist has no set mediums because he truly does it all from oil to acrylics, to airbrushing and graphic design.

Andaluz currently resides in Huntington, NY displaying his artwork and producing his work in various mediums from custom printing, apparel, banners, to murals and